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 PSAFL Rules

Commissioner: Calvin Opheim  email = blitzkrieg123 at mail dot com

The Paydirt "Action" Summer Football League (PSAFL) is a computer football league that uses Action! PC Football (APCFB) by DKS to play all of its games. Teams will play home games in the current home stadium with each stadium having a 3 point home field advantage. No home field advantage will be awarded for the Super Bowl.


What is the Salary Cap?

1)      The current salary cap for season is $120,000,000.


2)      Teams that fail to meet the salary cap figure by the allotted time (see calendar page) will have players removed from their roster alphabetically by the commissioner so as to meet the salary cap requirements. 


3)      You are never allowed to exceed the salary cap.


How many players may I have on my team?

1)      When the first disk is released for a new season, you are allowed to keep all of your players as long as your team salary is not more than the salary cap.


2)      If your team salary exceeds the salary cap, you must release players (date will be provided) until you are at or below the salary cap.


Taxi Squad         

1)      Each team may have up to two players on an inactive taxi squad.


2)      To be eligible, the player must have played in 5 or less regular season NFL games (includes uncarded players).


3)      Once a player is named to the taxi squad, he cannot be used the entire season, nor traded. Their salary becomes $1 and they are marked inactive.


4)      You cannot designate a player to the taxi squad during FA bidding. 


5)      Any player that was a signed free agent as a result of a successful bid CANNOT then be designated to the Taxi Squad as this would defeat the cap rules.


6)      Once designated, the player must remain Taxi for the season.


Rookie Draft

1)      The rookie draft will be a straight draft 7 rounds in length.


2)      Available players will be any players drafted by an NFL team from the prior yearís NFL draft (meaning rookies that are included in the new disk).


3)      The rookie draft will begin after the new disk is released and teams have verified their rosters.


4)      After the rookie draft is completed, each team salary must be no more than the salary cap.


5)      If your team salary exceeds the salary cap, you must release players (date will be provided) until you are at or below the salary cap.


Free Agent Bidding

At the beginning of Free Agent Bidding, all teams must have

1)      No more than 800 pass attempts from all QBs on your roster


2)      No more than 540 rushes from all RBs on your roster


3)      No more than 640 receptions for your roster


4)      No more than 1 kicker with a durability rating of 10 on your roster


5)      No more than 1 punter with a durability rating of 10 on your roster


6)      No more than 2 total kickers (see item 4) on your roster


7)      No more than 2 total punters (see item 5) on your roster


8)      No more than 3 total QBs on your active roster


9)      No more than 4 total QBs on your total roster (includes Taxi Squad)



To participate in Free Agent Bidding, teams:


1)      Must be below the cap and have less than 52 active players.


2)      Must also have available cap space to fill out roster to 52 active players when FA bidding ends.



Signing Players during Free Agent Bidding:

You will be awarded any player where you are the high bidder EXCEPT if:

1)      Itís a QB that puts you over 800 pass attempts from all QBs on your roster


2)      It's a QB that gives you more than 3 on your active roster


3)      It's a QB that gives you more than 4 total QBs on your total roster (includes Taxi Squad)


4)      Itís a RB that puts you over 540 rushes from all RBs on your roster


5)      Itís a RB/WR/TE/HB that puts you over 640 receptions on your roster


6)      Itís a Kicker that gives you more than 1 kicker with a durability 10 on your roster


7)      Itís a Punter that gives you more than 1 punter with a durability 10 on your roster


8)      Itís a Kicker that gives you more than 2 total kickers on your roster


9)      Itís a Punter that gives you more than 2 total punters on your roster


10)   You already have 52 active players on your roster


11)   There is not enough cap space left to fill your roster to 52 active players after FA bidding ends


Players signed during Free Agent Bidding


1)      FAs signed during bidding process cannot be traded or dropped until the conclusion of the season (post-Super Bowl) in part because of possible salary inflation.


2)      FAs can be dropped at any time but the team that drops them is still responsible for their entire salary.  For example, this means when you drop say a player with a $500k salary and then sign another FA for say $400k, the newly signed playerís salary will be increased to $900k.


Position Requirements

1)      Quarterbacks - all teams must have a minimum of 2 QBs but no more than 3 quarterbacks on their active roster (does not include quarterbacks on the taxi squad).  All teams must have a minimum of 340 attempts but no more than 800 attempts.


2)      Running Backs - all teams must have a minimum of 3 RBs.  All teams must have a minimum of 220 rushes but no more than 540 rushes from Running Backs.


3)      HB/TEs - all teams must have at least 3.


4)      Wide Receivers - all teams must have at least 6. 


5)      All teams will must a minimum of 160 receptions from WRs/TEs/HBs combined (does not include RBs).


6)      Teams must have no more than 640 total receptions (includes all positions)


7)    No more than 1 kicker with a durability rating of 10 on your roster

8)    No more than 1 punter with a durability rating of 10 on your roster

9)    No more than 2 total kickers (see item 7) on your roster

10) No more than 2 total punters (see item 8) on your roster


You must have no more than compliance with the above maximum passes, maximum rushes,  maximum receptions, and maximum number of QBs (items 1, 2, and 6 immediately above) by the start of Free Agency until the end of the season.


You must be in compliance with the maximum number of punters and kickers (items 7-10) above by the start of Free Agency until the end of the season.


11)   Offensive Line - all teams must have a minimum of 8 offensive lineman.  In addition each team must have at least 2 centers, 3 guards, and 3 tackles.


12)   Defensive Line - all teams must have at least 3 defensive tackles and 3 defensive ends


13)   Linebackers - all teams must have at least 2 inside linebackers and 4 outside linebackers


14)   Defensive backs - all teams must have a minimum of 8 defensive backs.  All teams must have at least 4 cornerbacks and 3 safeties.


The above requirements (items 11, 12, 13, and 14) must be met by the start of the regular season until the end of the season.


Players rated at multiple positions as in (G/T ILB/OLB etc.) count toward all positions for which they are rated.


Players rated as a QB-WR, QB-RB etc. will have their pass attempts added to the QB limits, their rush attempts added to the RB limits, and their WR receptions added to the WR limits if they are rated at that position.


15)   However, players rated at QB/TE/WR only will not have rush attempts added to the team limits.

Signing Free Agents During the Season

1)      Free Agents may only be signed during the season. if injuries at a position leave you unable to properly field the needed players for a game at a specific position.


2)      If the FA addition takes you over the 52 active players then you must drop a player to stay legal.


3)      Signing FAs during the season will be tightly monitored and should only be considered when absolutely necessary.


4)      Any free agent signed (or placed upon a team by the league due to compliance mandates) prior to the start of theduring the regular season will be labeled as a ďFree Agent Signed In-SeasonĒ and will have an FAI designation on the league file.


5)      All FAI designated players MUST be returned to the free agent pool at the conclusion of the season.  They will also have an x added before the first letter of their last name for easy identification.


6)      Signed Free Agents cannot have a performance value superior to the player(s) that were injured or placed the franchise out of compliance.



Trading is allowed in the PSAFL with the following restrictions.

1)      Trading is not open until after the rookie draft is completed.


2)      All teams must be at or under the cap in order to conduct a trade.


3)      No trade can ever be conducted if it violates league rules.


4)      The trade deadline is Week # 4.  This means the time period up and until all week 4 games are played but before the week 5 file is issued during the regular season. No trades may be made after the Week # 5 file has been sent out.


5)      No draft picks beyond the next draft may be traded. You may begin trading the following years draft's picks when the current year's draft period has concluded.


6)      Any proposed trade can be rejected by the commissioner/trade committee if he/they feel(s) that the trade was not done in good faith.  Teams can submit an explanation as to why they feel a rejected trade makes sense. A decision to reject may be reversed if the commissioner/committee feel the explanation reveals a valid reason for reversal.


7)      Any player traded by a team may not be re-acquired until a full season has passed.


8)      All trades must be finalized in the "Finalized trade forum" so we can keep track of all trade info. One team involved in the trade must post in that forum with the exact details of the trade. The other team must confirm the trade in that trade's forum post. No trade will take effect until both parties have agreed. Do not send your trades via the league group email.


9)      If the trade, prior to the start of the regular season and after Free Agent Bidding is completed, takes you below 52 active players, you may sign a Free Agents to become legal.  You will not retain the rights to this player after the season is completed.


10)   Once the regular season begins, free agent in-season signing rules will be enforced negating the ability to make a trade that takes a team out of compliance and then desires to claim one or more free agents in order to bring that team back into compliance.


Post Season

1)      The 3 division winners, plus the 3 non division winners with the best records (the Wild Cards) in each conference will qualify for the playoffs. Teams will be seeded 1-6 and will be bracketed using the method that the NFL currently uses. The higher seeded team for each playoff game will be at home and will get the HFA except for the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl will be played at a neutral site and the HFA will be turned off.


2)      All stats will be carried over into the post season. Instead of getting a clean "fatigue" slate for the playoffs, a 10% increase in season fatigue would be added for each additional round of the playoffs.



Free Agent Bidding Rules

Free agency will be conducted by bidding only. Highest bid (24 hours without another bid) gets the player. That player reverts back to his in-game value in subsequent seasons. Free agents cannot be traded in the inaugural season of their signing. You may not drop players to make room for FAs signed during the FA draft.

1)      You may not bid lower than their listed salary in the game. 


2)      You may not bid higher than the amount of available salary your team has.


3)      You may not have several bids at one time that when added together, amount to more than what your team has available under the cap. If you do, you will lose all active bids at the time of the infraction. So be careful and do the math.


Note - Using StratDraft ensures items 1- 3 will be automatically managed for you.


4)      You may not have more active bids than open roster spots on your active roster (does not include Taxi Squad).


5)      Once 24 hours elapses without a new bid on each player, the highest bid wins the player.


Once the season is over, you can retain your drafted/free agent bid FA and any inflated salary returns to what the new game release says it is.


6)      Only carded players are available in the FA period.


7)      You may not drop players during Free Agent bidding.  to make room for FAs won in bidding. So make sure you can fill out your roster to the needed 54/52 players...EXAMPLE.... If you have 42 players at the beginning end of FA bidding, you need a minimum of 10 players to be legal. So 10, 350K players means you need at least $3.5 million in open cap space.


8)      FAs signed during bidding process cannot be traded or dropped until the conclusion of the season (post-Super Bowl) in part because of possible salary inflation.


9)      At the conclusion of Free Agent bidding, all players signed will have their winning bid salary changed to the actual salary that was originally included in the game.


Weekly Schedule/Procedure

1)      The PSAFL week starts on Tuesday and ends the following Tuesday at 8 PM ET.


2)      The home team is designated the "host" and has the "right" to host the game. If for some reason the home team does want not to, or cannot host the game, the visiting team may host. The team that ends up hosting the game is responsible for sending the commissioner the game file on time.


3)      Both teams are responsible for contacting, scheduling, and playing their game with their opponent each week by the deadline.


4)      This is a head-to-head league but there are circumstances when guys will be unable to play their game a particular week. Please let your opponent know ASAP if you will not be able to play them head-to-head in a particular week. (Failure to do so more than twice per season is reason for dismissal).


5)      A substitute coach may be used if you are unable to coach your game a particular week. If you plan on using a substitute coach please clear it with your opponent and Commish beforehand. Only other members of the PAFL may be used as substitute coaches. Please use this rule sparingly.


6)      While an occasional occurrence of "not being able to play" will be accepted, absentee ownership will not.  Any team that makes a "practice" of not playing their games head to head will be subject to removal from the league by the commissioner. No owner will be removed from the league for this reason without a written warning first. Emergencies come up and certain situations arise that are beyond our control. That's not what this is referring to. Rule of thumb, after your third miss, expect to hear from the commissioner.



All PAFL teams will play a 17 game (8/9 at home & 8/9 on the road) regular season schedule. Teams will play all other teams in their own division twice (once at home and once on the road). The schedule will be determined using the same formula the NFL used when it had 28 teams. The PSAFL is a summer league playing from early June until early October.


Game Playing Procedures

1)      Each team must play at least 12 games in a year Head to head AND meet the requirements of contacting fellow owners for games or they may be removed from the league.


2)      The accepted way of scheduling your game each week is via the league's Game Scheduling Forum. This way the Commissioner can clearly see who is properly scheduling their games or not in case of dispute. He can also foresee a problem before it becomes an issue and has to issue a simmed game. The home team is responsible for posting first and must post by no later than Thursday at 6PM ET of each week giving a variety of times when you can play the games, although you can and are encouraged to post sooner. Each visiting team must reply to the home team's forum post and either choose one of those times or announce he cannot meet any of those times and make new suggestions by Friday. All Games must be completed and reported to the Commissioner before Tuesday at 7PM ET. (Exception to the forum scheduling is if you cannot gain access to the forums for some reason. In that case, you must privately email your opponent with a CC to the Commissioner).


3)      Please DO NOT use the league group email to schedule games or chat with another owner. Keep those e-mails private so we don't all get spammed.



Are there penalties for breaking the max player limits? (maximum carries, receptions or passes)

Yes. In cases where it is caught in time to reverse, the deal that caused the infraction is reversed and offending player loses his "latest" round pick in the upcoming rookie draft. *(if your latest pick has been traded, the next to latest will be forfeited). If reversing the deal harms the unoffending party because of other trades conducted based on this one, the carded player is suspended for the season and counts toward the team's salary cap and 54/52 limits and loss of latest draft* pick in upcoming rookie draft.


Salary Cap Infractions

Due to a trade....

1)      Suspension of most valuable player in trade for season. Of course, teams are allowed to make drops as part of a trade, if needed, but must remain in the 54/52 limit and all other roster carry/reception limits. FAs can only be signed after a trade if trade places them under the 54/52 limit. All FA signings in this case must be filler players and of same position as players lost due to trade. (filler players are players with no real future increases in worth in the foreseeable future and not salaried at more than 350K).


2)      Trade infractions may not be caught until one of the other teams involved in the trade have made other trades. This could cause a snowball effect, resulting in the cancellation of several trades spanning several teams. This of course can cause pandemonium. With suspensions, we avoid opening that can of worms. This rule also places responsibility for making a legal trade fully on the shoulders of the team owner.


3)      Suspended players may not be traded and their salary counts toward the team cap for the season.


4)      Please notify the Commissioner if a rule is not clear, incorrect, or missing.


5)      Any rule that is not 100% clear may be amended by the Commissioner to better reflect the intent of the rule.


6)      The Commissioner may add a new rule at anytime but that rule will still be at the mercy of a league veto, if desired. A rule can be vetoed with a 60% vote "against."


Rules Committee


There is a Rules Committee. The Rules Committee will consist of 3-4 league owners/members selected by the commissioner. A Rules Committee member will retain that post until removed by the commissioner, the member resigns from the position, or the member is no longer an owner of team within the league.


New Rule Proposals

New rules may be suggested by team owners to the Rules Committee at any time. The Commissioner will consider rules based on League input and also based on compatibility with existing PAFL rules.  Generally speaking the goal is to have the PSAFL rules closely mirror the PAFL rules.  However, it is recognized that any new rule, suggested by a team owner to the committee, will not necessarily be immediately enacted nor immediately put onto the committee docket.

The Committee will review any submitted rule or constitutional amendment submitted suggestion. The review may include, but is not limited to, additional questioning of the member or members sponsoring the rule submission. The Committee may alter the wording or amend the suggestion if it desires to do so. Once the amending and alteration process is completed, the committee will proceed with a vote to move the rule/amendment to the commissioner for his approval or rejection for a league wide approval vote or league wide veto vote. The committee will need to submit any committee approved rules/amendments any time after the conclusion of the Super Bowl and the release of the new roster valuations and no later than (1) week prior to the drops deadline date. Any new rule(s) or amendment(s) submitted by the committee and approved by the commissioner will not become enforceable until after the following season's Super Bowl.

In order for any rule(s) or amendment(s) to be approved by the committee and sent to the commissioner three (3) of four (4) committee members must vote affirmatively (Yes). Any rule(s) or amendment(s) can be tabled for future consideration should the deadline for that season pass or if the committee feels it needs to delay a vote for any reason. Any rule(s) or amendment(s) can be tabled if the vote within the committee acquires two (2) affirmative (Yes) votes but does not garner the necessary third vote. If any rules(s) or amendment(s) does not garner at least 2 affirmative (yes) votes it is considered defeated and cannot be tabled.

New rules suggested by team owners can be put up for vote and voted into action with a 60% vote "In favor of."





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