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Time Till Next Advance

Panthers Hand Patriots 1st Loss
A defensive game between the two heavyweights of season 7

Website Tweaked
some changes made
Website was tweaked... First of all, Hit F5 and control at the same time to clear out all your old site cookies.
I'm sorry for the sudden storm of changes but it's been a learning curve with matching all three sites.
I think I'm done now. hopefully, no FB Geek slams.

There are still a few of you who have not registered to use the shout box. Please do so as soon as possible.

Report errors or anything that was left off or out of the site design

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Panthers VS Patriots




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By Jeff beyel


By Jeff beyel


By Hank Sienzant

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A Look at Season 7
Jeff Beyel


Subbing in for a Team
Len Barnhart


The Football Geek
A Paydirt Monopoly


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