Super Bowl III Champs: Daniele Miozzi. MVP: Alex Smith

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LA RAMS 11-1
With their 62 - 38 victory over the Saints, are the Rams favored to win it all?
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Part 2 of last week's radio show will be done this week. TBA on day and time.
We had a freeze up during last week's show about 30 minutes in, but we will finish it out sometime this week.

Tod Burros weekly podcast

I corrected the link to Tod's weekly NFL show for those of you who want to listen in.

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New Poll for week 9
EA Sports have stolen the PC Football market by owning player rights. Will there ever be competition for them from another gaming company? What do you think?


 PREDICTIONS by jeff beyel

NY defense has been solid all season long but QB issues have killed them. Packers look alot like a playoff team with Lions and Browns due up next two games. Game looks like a defensive struggle but feel GB has just a bit more juice. Green Bay 24-14.

One of worst offenses in league vs one of top defenses in the league means no shot for Chargers. Eagles about to wrap up their 2nd NFC East crown and head to post-season as a title contender. Philadelphia 28-6.

Falcons had lost 4 of last 5 before beating Dallas last week, Amazingly, they have hung in the hunt for a WC berth and a win here could really set them up. Vikes can smell the division crown after Saints loss. Their #3 passing game does get a decent Falcon secondary but Falcon offense is healthy and does match up here. S injuries for Falcons could be difference. Minnesota 28-27.


Panthers out of division race but in real battle for WC berth. With Eagles and Patriots looming a win here would seal the deal. Still, they seem a lock for 9 wins and beat Packers so post-season likely. Saints destroyed by Rams licking wounds and have not lost back to back games this year, New Orleans 27-21.

Seattle a dominant club with +11 TO ratio. They have allowed just 10 sacks all year long and have gotten to opposing QBs 29 times. They are 2nd in the league in rushing (178.4 YPG). Jags probably need to run table to have playoff chanceand the table seems too big right now. Seattle 31-14.

Redskins likely saw playoffs go up in smoke last week while Cards have played way right into picture with 4 game winning streak! Solid running game and just 10 TOs all year key to their success. Arizona 24.21.

Bengals a playoff lock with solid defense and balanced attack getting it done. D is #2 vs pass but KC all about the run and Bengals have been vulnerable there. MVP candidate QB Drew Brees probably too much for Chiefs' team that got miracle win over Titans last week. KC finishes with San Fran, Oakland, and San Diego and seems playoff bound. Cincinnati 27-17.


Rams annhilated Saints in showdown last week and are now seen as top dog in NFC. Running game has been so-so but passing is superior with Tom Brady and defense is stellar. +12 TO ratio is among league's best. Lions lost game to Carolina on last second FG. Typical of their year, RB Gore fumbled ball at Panther 12 as team was getting set to put Panthers away. Los Angeles 31-17.

Break up the Raiders! Break up the Steelers! Both clubs playing well and on 2 game winning streaks. Raiders QB Blake Bortles with back-to-back 100+ rating games while Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger has racked up 3 straight 96+ rating games. Raider secondary is weaker of two teams. Pittsburgh 28-21.

Fish finishing up season as worst team in history of the league! San Fran trying to gain consistency and QB Cam Newton should have a field day. Miami has scored just 85 points and given up 444. The 0-16 Raiders of 2014 scored 170+ points and gave up 483. San Francisco 31-10.

Pokes are cooked while sagging Bears still within earshot of playoffs. Bears, though, have lost 5 straight and seem dead in water as well. Both clubs have a laundry list of injuries making this one near impossible to predict. No line.

Big game in AFC with Patriots trying to gain some respect after 34-16 whipping by Broncos. Colts with alot of weapons and QB Tyrod Taylor playing out of his mind. Indianapolis closes in on first AFC Central championship under coach Bob Durfee. Indianapolis 27-17..

Titans suffered horrid loss to KC last week and cannot afford to stumble here. Bills' once vaunted passing game has completely fallen apart with QB Carson Palmer having 4 straight sub 70 ratings games! Tennessee 28-23.
 Thoughts on the Week
And down the stretch they come!  The NFC dogfights are one.  Arizona and Green Bay have tossed their hats into the post-season ring with Atlanta and even Chicago still vying for the last spot. The AFC is still murky.  Cincinnati is a near lock as a WC entrant while the Cleveland-Denver loser is in big time trouble. KC seems a good bet to slip in.That would leave the Cleveland-Denver winner and Tennessee battling for the final spot. Can the Broncos make a repeat run like they did last year? Viking WR Brandon Marshall is the league's all-time great with 2 receiving titles. He currently has 91 grabs, good for 2nd in the league, but trails Jacksonville's Jarvis Landry by a whopping 20 receptions! A terrific battle going on for the rushing honors.  All-timer Adrian Peterson has declined and now leads the Saints' Chris Ivory by just 2 yards and the Seahawks' Doug Martin by 12 yards! AP should find some room against Buffalo this week, Martin could strain against a solid run defense in Jacksonville, and Ivory should keepon chigging against Carolina.
INTERVIEWS by len barnhart
 Bob Durfee

Q) Tell us a bit about yourself...where do you live? Career? Married with children?
A) I live in Williamsville New York which is just outside Buffalo. I'm 64 years old, and I've been married for 43 years. We have two sons, a financial advisor and a college history professor. I'm retired after working for USAirways for 42 years. I coached basketball for 10 years, and it remains my favorite sport.

Q) Your team is coasting along quite nicely. What are you doing to win so much and how do you see the season unfolding for you? Can this team win it all?
A) We are having a nice season, and I'm sure luck has had a lot to do with it! My team seems to force turnovers and get to the opposing QB. I think when you get to the playoffs anything can happen. As far as winning it all, I'd say we have a chance.

Q) If there was one thing you can have added to the new version of APCFB, what would it be?
A) I agree with Pierce that there should be, as he said, more risk/rewards when correctly/incorrectly calling plays.

Q) If there was one thing you could add or change about the PAFL, what would it be?
A) I'd like to see my team be able to get better players while giving up little to nothing in more of my trades......that being said......there's really nothing that I would change. I believe our commissioner is doing a great job making the PAFL an extremely fun hobby for all of our members.
GAME OF THE WEEK by jeff beyel



 Cleveland @ Denver

The Cleveland Browns have never won more than 6 games in their history and have been sitting at 6 wins for two weeks now. The passing game has gone dry and teams are focusing on slowing down their top rated running game. Meanwhile, the pass defense is simply deplorable allowing opposing QBs to rack up a 111.8 rating. The Broncos won five of their final six games last season to make the playoffs and might have to do a similar feat this year if they are to return for a fourth straight year. The Broncos have never missed the playoffs in their team history. The winner of this one stands a decent chance of making the playoffs while the loser is in deep trouble.

Cleveland enters this clash with the league's top running game averaging 188.2 YPG.  That number is the second best in league history behind the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson's 197.1 YPG in the league's inaugural campaign. Coach Beyel

has always stressed a power ground game and the ablilty to stop the run and his defense has done just that this season holding teams to just 62.7 YPG.  That total,should it hold up, would be the best in league history.  However, as good as the running offense and defense has been this season the passing offense and defense has been the complete opposite. The aerial game is near non-existant ranking as the 5th worst in the league for yards (172.7) and 3rd worst for pass completion rate (56.9)

The Broncos have been extremely inconsistent this year,  QB Eli Manning  has had only five games with a rating above 100. Not coincidently, Denver has won every one of those games while winning six games overall!  Obviously, as Manning goes so go the Broncos. The running game has been pretty solid led by RB Rashad Jennings (139-754-5.4 YPC). Denver should find room to pass the ball but running could be tough especially since top T Eugene Monroe remains out. Teams have had some success against the Denver defense this season but it remains to be seen if Cleveland can move the ball enough to score points against them.

This game, at first glance, might not seem like a big game. However,alot is on the line in this one.  The Browns could take a big step towards the playoffs with a win and would set a new franchise season wins record.  They have a very tough slate down the stretch with New England,Green Bay,and Los Angeles so a loss would all but finish them off.  Denver has never missed the playoffs and a loss to the Browns would give Cleveland the tie-breaker.  Still, with Oakland, New York, and Arizona on deck they could make a nice run here and possibly finish the year at a stunning 10-6! If Manning gets it done in this one the Broncos will win. He has gone over the 100 rating mark in three of his last four games (with Denver winning those three) and needs to stay hot in this one.  Denver 31-21.

 RUMOR MILL by the football geek (updated when I'm in the mood)

Week 11:
So, there it was - the only game on. The 3-7 49ers and the 9-1 New England Patriots. A match up better left to late night binges, watched on VHS replay by a delusional, rabid fan while eating a 12 inch spicy Italian sub stacked 8 inches high. The only real danger is a bad case of indigestion and a lethal but healthy shit in the morning. Imagine my shock when the game is tied 21-21 in forth. That's when the panic attack happened. This game could go to overtime? But wait. with four minutes left, the 49ers kicked a FG. Okay, I can go to bed now, upset in the bag. Nope. The Patriots continued their Cinderella season by scoring a TD with 2 minutes left. I was sweating though my clothes, but at least I didn't throw up. I guess that's something. Unfortunately, I hit the toilet seat about 2 seconds late the following morning.

Week 10:
And in week 10 we have, San Diego vs Arizona. This game is so bad that ME TV and H&I Network have added late night commercials for them. They go something like this (narrated with a sad voice) - In the driving rain, through the brutal cold of Winter. Abandoned and forgotten, these NFL players need help. For just $19.95 a month, you can help feed and clothe these wayward, homeless football players and get them back to driving a Mercedes Benz, drinking expensive Champaign and snorting coke . Please, they need your help. Donate today and make a difference.
Week 9:
They say football is a game of inches. It must be true. That's how far star receiver, Brown can move the ball per catch this year. How many Steelers players does it take to change a stadium light bulb?" And the answer is: "It doesn't matter. The Steelers will be just as happy to lose in the dark."
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