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Week 15

Dallas VS Philadelphia
This game could very likely determine the NFC East Champion. Philly has the home field advantage and the defense to stop Dallas.

PAFL Special Report
Jeff Beyel gives his expert opinion on things now that we've hit the week 10 mark. Read it here!

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 GAME OF THE WEEK: week 15
by jeff beyel




A bitter rivalry, with huge stakes, late in the season.  What more can ya ask for?  The Eagles and Cowboys have ruled the NFC East the past few seasons with Philly holding a 5-4 edge in their nine prior encounters.  They have played some great games against each other but not one with this much at stake this late in the year.
 Dallas began the year going 7-0 but have gone just 4-3 since stumbling against Philadelphia, 21-17, in week 8.  In that match-up, Philly would score the winning TD with just 29 seconds remaining.  RB Jay Ajayi ripped the Cowboys for 147 and his stats in this game are crucial. Ayaji has closed out the year in a flurry rushing for over 500 yards over his last 4 games.  The Dallas front 4 just does not match up well against the offensive line of Philly and that may be the biggest factor in this game.
 The Cowboys,of course, have built their house on the foundation of one of football's best offensive lines but they could find a tough customer with the Eagle defensive line  Still, if Big D can move the Philadelphia front then the Eagle linebackers could get exposed and that could open things up for the Cowboys' passing game.  The Eagles have a great secondary but they do have a soft spot at safety and that could create some chances for veteran TE Jason Witten who had just 3 catches for 25 yards in the initial meeting.
 Philly has a loaded team with talent everywhere including dynamite receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Brown who are poised to become a 100+ receptions duo!  Dallas will likely be forced into mostly zone coverage against these wides and that should allow the Eagles plenty of room to roam.
 Final analysis:  Oddly, The Cowboys' 7-0 run was ended in their game against Philadelphia while, at the same time, the Eagles began what has ballooned into a 7 game winning streak with their win in that very same game.  The Eagles are as hot as any club in the league while Dallas just does not seem like they are rolling right now.  Philadelphia 28-21.

by jeff beyel

  Bills took major step towards playoffs with narrow 1 point win over Dolphins. D has held four straight foes to 20 or fewer points but offense does clank a bit.  Packers on 3 game free-fall and could be done emotionally.  Should be low scoring game as Packer defense pretty good as well. Both offenses a bit challenged at times.  Green Bay 20-17.
One more win, or a loss or tie by Minnesota, and New York finally joins the post-season party! G-Men had some big breaks in narrow W over Panthers in first meeting.  Carolina knocked off another good team last week but have been eliminated from playoff contention.  Still, an upset of Giants would be sweet fort hem and this game could be close.  New York 24-21.
Denver still playing for home field throughout playoffs and need to keep winning. They will need a loss by Bengals who have better conference record though.  Washington could not run ball again last week nor could stop run again. Broncos about as good as it gets vs pass meaning long day for 'Skins' QB Kirk Cousins.  Denver 28-13.
 Two teams with little to play for and "the mistake on the lake"is likely to be ugly this late in the season. Jags' lone win this season was against these Browns! Not this time.  Cleveland 24-17.
Vikings got huge win last week vs Bears as defense was incredible limiting Chicago to 105 total yards of offense enroute to 29-0 romp.  They are, though, unlikely to make playoffs unless they can win division which they will do if they tie for crown!  Lions had rare good offensive game and added gasoline to Green Bay's dumpster fire.  Minnesota keeps pressure on.  Minnesota 27-10.
Rumor has it Colts looking to rest stars in this one.  Falcons need to keep winning and should if Colts cannot score to math the  high powered Falcon attack. Atlanta's 446 points most in football for traditonal offensive machine.  But, can Atlanta ever do anything in playoffs?  Atlanta 31-13.
Seattle's Russell Wilson had one of his few big games against Oakland earlier this year. They have had a brutal schedule this year but have played pretty well last half of season despite their record. Raiders have scored 17 or fewers points in 9 games this year and rely on D to win.  Seattle 21-14.
Dolphins almost claimed playoff spot last week but came an eyelash short.  Now they get Patriots' team that just blew out Jacksonville and runs ball well with Zeke Elliott. Dolphins could not stop Buffalo and  Kapri Bibbs last week.  New England 31-17.
Bears may have to win last two games in order to hold off Vikings.  Saints wiped floor with Chicago in first meeting, 43-10, holding Bears to just 17 yards rushing.  Chicago offense struggling but so is Saint secondary.  Tough one to call but Chicago just 3-4 over last 7 games and might be out of bullets.  New Orleans 27-21.
The loser of this game is eliminated from playoff contention but the winner has a great shot at sneaking it!  KC has come back from the dead but crashed in a disappointing loss to Carolina last week.  Niners, meanwhile, dumped by lowly Seattle.  Neither team great this year and their QBs are keys.  Just feel Niners' Andrew Luck has been more consistent this year.  Kansas City 27-24.
Bolts have grit but not enough to stop rolling Bengals.  Cincinnati still shooting for homefield throughout and needs to keep winning.  Bengals can score and that always gives spotty San Diego offense trouble.  Cincinnati 28-10.
 The Steelers have this game and a final contest vs Green Bay.  If they can win out they would finish 8-8 and have a super chance for playoffs. 'Zona's defense not good and pass D has let opposing QBs have third highest rating against.  Run D is worst in league but can Pittsburgh take advantage?  Pittsburgh 24-17.
Titans' season.collapsed  with offense that has scored 7 total points in last games!  Rams got Brady back on track with 158 and 140 ratings games last two out.  LA has rolled up 73-8 margin over thios two games and cannot slip with Falcons breating down their neck.  Titans just standing in the middle of the road.  Los Angeles 31-7.
GOTW: Folks saw this classic rivalry clash coming quite awhile ago. Eagles have closed gap on Dallas and can sweep series and likely take division with a W.  Can Pokes survive?
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To follow suit with the NFL, the Paydirt Action Football League will clarify it's rules for completing a catch while going to the ground to include new play by play text of Dave Koch saying,

"And the receiver is down in the endzone for a touchdown, No, wait - the ball bobbled after the player stretched out, did an endzone dance and high-fived a team mate. The determination is an incomplete pass and if you disagree, you can go F*%@ yourself."

WK 14: Name Statistics/Commentary
Only 2 weeks remaining in the season with some real pace setters looking to establish PAFL records!
Rushing: Elliott,E(NE) 29-207 1 TD This Patriot stud is really hitting his stride and not a moment too soon! Elliott continues to preform as a true Pro Bowler and it will be hard to discount his contributions to New England’s’ turn around season.

Receiving: Jones,J(Atl) 4- 84 3 TD While Julio only had 4 receptions on the day, 3 of those were for PAYDIRT! Falcon fans are really starting to smell what Coach Main is cooking within their division and Jones is one of the pot stirrers.

Passing: Cutler(Det) 44-26-320 3 TD 2 Int or Brady,T(LAN) 26-20-304 2 TD This Honor would have fallen completely on Cutler’s shoulders for his remarkable performance if not for the 2 INTs. Hence, Brady creeps in for a tie in the honors department as he seems recovered from his recent bout with “istinkenitis” and his gearing up for a strong playoff appearance!

Defense: Beasley Jr(Atl) 4 Sk 8 Tk Holy crap! 30 sacks on the season now with 2 games remaining! Roll on bid dawg! Roll on! Offensive lines are starting to practice new skill sets to counter Beasley since the crowbars didn’t work. This crafty technique requires linemen who Beasley lines up against, to turn to the QB and on the snap they yell out, “lookout!” On practice fields across the PAFL many linemen are now just using Lookout Blocks as a scheme to stop this Falcon warhorse! At least the QB knows what side of the field he is attacking from.

Special Teams: Just the usual field goal kickers, other then that nothing much to lay a hat on! Take your pick between Tucker(MIA) or Folk(NE) as both were money in the bank. The boys at the round table went with Tucker, for no other reason than some of them truly admire Tucker’s physique.
Maybe, just maybe, it was the liquor talking…


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Tod Cichon of SF.  Write-up
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Q) How long can the Colts keep winning, and what are their chances to win deep into the Playoffs?
A) We can keep winning as long as we stay lucky! We’re 9-3, but I think we’ve gotten many good breaks. Our defense is pretty good, but our offense is pretty bad, not a good formula for going deep into the playoffs. Hoping to make them, and see what happens.

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