Super Bowl III Champs: Daniele Miozzi. MVP: Alex Smith

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It's the Vikings VS the Seahawks!
It's official. Neither team has made it to the PAFL Super Bowl so we have 2 new Champions, both having great seasons. Congrats to Jamey and Eric for a fine job. Good luck to you both. I'll have the file out before the end of the weekend.

Next Radio show
The death of my dearest friend this week has caused a delay to when we will broadcast the next show.

Tod Burros weekly podcast

I corrected the link to Tod's weekly NFL show for those of you who want to listen in.

Use "Gridiron Gab" to write post game writeups
Again, no clutter to email and it lays the writeup out better. It also adds more content to the website for league members to enjoy.

New Poll for week 9
EA Sports have stolen the PC Football market by owning player rights. Will there ever be competition for them from another gaming company? What do you think?




The top two teams in the NFC meet for a chance to win their franchise's first title. Neither team ran the ball much in their divisional games with LA rushing 18 times for 69 yds and Minnesota running it 19 times for 91 yds. The Rams have leaned on the arm of QB Tom Brady much of the season and are not likely to deviate from that plan in this game. The Vikes have utilized QB Philip Rivers for much of their offensive output. This one could get down to some serious matchups with the Vikings boasting the All-time great talents of WR Brandon Marshall against CB Johnathan Joseph and the Rams countering with WR Demaryius Thomas, TE Rob Gronkowski, and WR Danny Amendola. LA RB Dave Johnson and Viking RB C.J. Anderson could play key roles. To me, the Viking secondary of S Reshad Jones, CB Darius Slay, CB Jason Verett, and S Donte Whitner are good enough to at least slow down the Ram aerial attack while second WR option Steve Smith Jr. could have a big game for the Purple and Gold. Like the Vikes to end LA dreams. Minnesota 24-21.



The Colts become the last obstacle in the Seahawks' efforts to get to the SB and claim the title most pre-season prognosticators had them winning.  To deny Seattle, Indy must find a way to slow down the Seahawks' bruising running game that churned up 181 yds on the ground last week against the Bengals. Those Bengals were able to deny Seattle an offensive TD as Seattle's only paydirt score came on a 31 yd pick 6. The Colts do have a solid secondary but will have its hands full if the front seven cannot stop the running game.  If Seattle can run the ball, it forces defenses to get into straight zones or M2m covers and then WRs Larry Fitzgerald and DeAndre Hopkins do alot of damage. Cincinnati, though, only had two runs longer than 10 yds all game long and the Colts will need to do better than that in this one. Indy used 5 New England turnovers and an outstanding effort against Patriot QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to secure a solid win but this is a horse of a very different color. Indianapolis will need to run the ball successfully (something they are very capable of doing) to get some favorable passing situations but that is easier said than done.  Seattle takes care of business and moves on in front of their raucous home crowd. Seattle 27-17.
INTERVIEWS by len barnhart
 Bob Durfee

Q) Tell us a bit about yourself...where do you live? Career? Married with children?
A) I live in Williamsville New York which is just outside Buffalo. I'm 64 years old, and I've been married for 43 years. We have two sons, a financial advisor and a college history professor. I'm retired after working for USAirways for 42 years. I coached basketball for 10 years, and it remains my favorite sport.

Q) Your team is coasting along quite nicely. What are you doing to win so much and how do you see the season unfolding for you? Can this team win it all?
A) We are having a nice season, and I'm sure luck has had a lot to do with it! My team seems to force turnovers and get to the opposing QB. I think when you get to the playoffs anything can happen. As far as winning it all, I'd say we have a chance.

Q) If there was one thing you can have added to the new version of APCFB, what would it be?
A) I agree with Pierce that there should be, as he said, more risk/rewards when correctly/incorrectly calling plays.

Q) If there was one thing you could add or change about the PAFL, what would it be?
A) I'd like to see my team be able to get better players while giving up little to nothing in more of my trades......that being said......there's really nothing that I would change. I believe our commissioner is doing a great job making the PAFL an extremely fun hobby for all of our members.
GAME OF THE WEEK by jeff beyel



 Arizona @ Tennessee


This one has tension written all over it.  The winner has a great shot at making the post-season while the loser will find themself in big time trouble heading into week 16 unless some serious help comes along.  The Cardinals suffered a stunning loss last week when QB Aaron Rodgers threw his 7th interception of the year (and 5th in last three games) to open the door for a last second Pittsburgh game winning FG off the foot of Graham Gano. At 7-7, Arizona is now 1 game behind the Green Bay Packers and are tied with Atlanta and the big picture is not very pretty. The Packers finish their season with Cleveland and Indianapolis and are likely to end at no worse than 9-7. Meanwhile, Atlanta ends their year with white hot Pittsburgh and then Jacksonville and have a great shot at at least 8-8. 'Zona has this game and then has to finish with a rugged game against Denver.  Obviously, the cards (no pun intended) are stacked against them.

The Titans,meanwhile, have to be among the league's most frustrated franchises led by a coach is one riverboat gambler.  After beginning the season at 4-1, which included a win over Cincinnati and a narrow week five loss to Los Angeles, the Titans have stumbled to a 3-6 run. A questionable 4th down decision three weeks ago vs Kansas City led to a 23-20 loss and that would be followed by an equally questionable failed onsides kick last week against the Falcons that opened the door for an Atlanta field goal.  Now they find themselves 1 game behind the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs for the final playoff spot.

For much of their Paydirt existence the Cards have been led by Rodgers. His subpar play is well chronicled and he is on the edge of having a second straight season where he will have completed less than 60% of his passes. Much of his issues, though, can be traced to a weak receiving corps and the absence of a true running game. Still, he can wipe out all the demons should he be able to win these last two games and lead his Cardinals to the playoffs for the first time in team history. The Arizona secondary could prove to be the difference maker.  CB Darrelle Rivas and S Kurt Coleman match up well with the Titan receivers.  The next real issue for the Cardinals would be trying to stop the league's top rusher, Adrian Peterson, from trampling them. AP has been a steady runner all year long and has the ability to move the chains and chew up clock. Arizona does have some stout defenders in the middle of their line with DTs Damon Harrison and Dan Williams but the defensive unit, as a whole, has not been stellar at stopping the run.

The loser of this one is going to have to live with one very frustrating campaign while the victor could very well find their team booking flights to some playoff city. Both clubs have major flaws and some solid strengths and whichever team can get those factors to go their way should win. The ability to power for positive yardage even when keyed is a real Peterson asset. The truth is, though, if Rodgers can find one way to just put it all together the Cards could win. Tennessee 28-24.

 RUMOR MILL by the football geek (updated when I'm in the mood)

Week 15:
13-1 - Are you kidding me? I've looked at this team and they are good, but are they that good? This has "BOB" (spelled backwards as ---Bob), whistling the ole Extenze theme song again with a bounce in his step. But there's trouble brewing.  Here come the Rams and they go straight for the big boys. A handfull of Viagra and a bottle of Scotch! Can we say 13-2?

Week 14:
Tony Romo bumped into RGIII earlier in the week. The resulting injury caused both to be laid up in the hospital for 3 weeks with broken bones. In other news, Len can finally stop holding and hoping. It looks like PAFL free agency for Tony, then off to do play by play with Jim Nantz. Hey Len, maybe Phil Sims will un-retire and lead the Paydirt Cowboys to victory.

Week 11:
So, there it was - the only game on. The 3-7 49ers and the 9-1 New England Patriots. A match up better left to late night binges, watched on VHS replay by a delusional, rabid fan while eating a 12 inch spicy Italian sub stacked 8 inches high. The only real danger is a bad case of indigestion and a lethal but healthy shit in the morning. Imagine my shock when the game is tied 21-21 in forth. That's when the panic attack happened. This game could go to overtime? But wait. with four minutes left, the 49ers kicked a FG. Okay, I can go to bed now, upset in the bag. Nope. The Patriots continued their Cinderella season by scoring a TD with 2 minutes left. I was sweating though my clothes, but at least I didn't throw up. I guess that's something. Unfortunately, I hit the toilet seat about 2 seconds late the following morning.
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