Super Bowl III Champs: Daniele Miozzi. MVP: Alex Smith

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It is important for both sides to remember the other's time zone and work schedule. For this reason the weekends are especially helpful, giving both sides more freedom to choose a time that works for them both. Use the weekend to play your games when other times conflict.
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 PREDICTIONS by jeff beyel



Cowboys got 89 yds rushing from RB DeMarco Murray last game. QB AJ McCarron doing ok but just 8.8 YPC in dink and dunk style ball. Secondary should be able to handle Chargers who are down to Kellen Clemens at QB! Dallas 27-13.



Rams strolling through season get another offensive softie in NY. Tough year for the G-men continues.  Rams with #3 passing attack should easily whip Giants. Los Angeles 31-10.



Green Bay has won 3 straight behind an improving ground game now 4th in league and averaging 5.0 YPC. Panthers allow teams to run at 4.4 YPC clip and have a bit of a softer defense against the pass. Pack -8 TO ratio horrid.  Big key is GB's 27% allowed to Carolina's 51% conversion rate on 3rd downs. Carolina 21-17.



Bears may be a club on decline losing 2 in a row by combined 72-17 margin. Falcons a hi-octane attack and have serious advantages against Bear secondary and that never bodes well when playing against a Ricky Main coached team. Atlanta 35-17.



Cards allowing teams to complete 72% of their passes. Saints' RB Ivory slowed last week gaining just 56 yds vs Vikings but could find room vs 'Zona D that lets backs run for 4.7 YPC and 144 YPG. Saint D has surrendered just 9 red zone TDs in 26 tries! New Orleans 28-24.



Jags have 4th most passing yds in league.  Titans solid club but with just 2 INTs on the season could make this one closer than many think. Tennessee struggling to score pts (141) as well. Still, Titans a far superior club and should get the rebound W. Tennessee 21-17.



Bills wide open passing attack still causing teams problems.  KC has solid secondary but without CB Bene Benwikere again. S matchups could be a problem for KC vs Buffalo's 3 and 4 man sets. Chiefs get QB Andrew Luck back but not sure if he will start. Bills excellent in red zone scoring 20 TDs in 28 tries but have absorbed 23 sacks. Buffalo 24-21???



Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger listed as doubtful makes this one hard to pick. Browns, dreadful vs pass, would be vulnerable if Big Ben can go. Pitt is just 28% on 3rd downs and has let up 18 sacks. Browns just 2 takeaways all year long. No line.



Broncos with injuries everywhere. QB Eli Manning has been dreadful but Broncos get Miami which is a team in complete dissarray, Dolphin QB is now Kellen Moore. Ugh. Denver D, expected to be a strength, has under-performed. Denver 35-14.



Pats suffered bad loss to Browns last week but get winless Raiders to bounce back. Patriot offense sputtering but D has been terrific. Raider  injuries on D likely to cost them this game but they do have some matchups that could give them some room to score.  Could be closer game than expected. New England 27-13.



Redskins playing well behind QB Kirk Cousins who now has 16 TD passes and just 2 picks. They have 3 straight road games but will be favored in all 3 and that would get them to 7-2 heading home vs Eagles in week 10. Lions have scored 15 or fewer points in 4 of 6 games and that is not good vs Washington's offensive abilities. Washington 31-14.



Niners, averaging over 400 total yds per game, have scored 30+ipoints n 4 straight games. Colts won big one last week over Titans and have tallied 30+ points 5 games in a row. SF QB Cam Newton playing super but will need to score a ton to beat league's #1 scoring team. Indianapolis 35-24.



Arguably the best matchup in the AFC this season. Bengals on fire since return of Brees posting 129 points in 3 games since he came back. Seahawks top team in league with QB Russell Wilson having dynamite year playing with top running game in league. Seahawks averaging 206.5 YPG rushing! Seattle 27-24.
 Thoughts on the Week
Patriots (5-1) suffered first defeat at hands of Browns in a matchup nightmare for them but should rebound vs Raiders. Seahawk secondary near best in league gets big tests vs QB Drew Brees and Bengals this week.Expect Seattle running game to be the difference. Bills/Chiefs game has major playoff implications for both teams. Washington in great position to make huge push toplayoffs and maybe a divisional crown with huge week 10 game vs Eagles looming. NFC wildcard battle is rounding into shape. Panthers, Redskins, Bears,Vikings, Saints,and Falcons all vying for spots. tennessee RB Adrian Peterson in line for second rushing title leading league with 616 yds. AP won the rushing crown back in the 2014-15 season with a record 2397 yard campaign that included 25 rushing touchdowns.
INTERVIEWS by len barnhart
 TOM BOND paydirt's newest team owner
Q) Tom, you're the newest member of Paydirt. Tell the league a little about yourself...Married? Where do you live? Hobbies? How about your APCFB experience?

A) I am happily married to a wonderful woman. I am 59 years old. I am retired Correctional Officer. I substitute teach in my spare time as I have a teaching degree. I like to golf and play Action PC games. I am in 2 Football leagues, 4 Basketball, 2 Hockey and 3 Baseball leagues.
Q) How are you finding the league compared to others to which you have been a member?

A) I find the league well run and fun.

Q) You started out as Miami's owner. You now  have the Jaguars. What's your time frame to making them competitive?

A) I would like to make them a 500 team next year using the draft. I see last year they had a good record. Not sure what is wrong this year.

Q) What style of play do you like? Power? Pass happy? Balanced? Trickery? ...or do you prefer to simply line up and dare them to stop you?

A) I like to mix it up that's why I got a good passer in Alex Smith and a good running back in Forte to go along with Benard.
GAME OF THE WEEK by jeff beyel



 Philadelphia @ Minnesota

Philadelphia has been tracking on line all season behind a defense that has held 5 of 6 opponents to 17 or fewer points. QB Matt Stafford has completed over 70% of his passes for 1600+ yards, 13 touchdowns, and just 3 interceptions. The Vikings, meanwhile, have pulled off a couple of close and critical wins to put themselves in line for a second consecutive NFC Central championship. They have done it with a two-headed monster running game featuring C.J.Anderson (57-287-5.0YPC) and Melvin Gordon (43-204-4.7 YPC).  Amazingly, the Purple and Gold have outscored their opponents by just 5 points all year.

 Philly comes in with a very balanced attack.  While Stafford has played well, the play of diverse back DeVonta Freeman cannot be over-looked. Freeman has rushed for 335 yards and added another 218 yards in receptions with his 26 catches out of the backfield. He has accounted for 24 first down touches for the Eagles. WRS Brandin Cooks and Stefon Diggs will be tough challenges for the Viking secondary led by CBs Darius Slay and Jason Verrett but it is likely to come down to the key matchup between Philly 3rd wide Anquan Boldin and Viking S Reshad Jones as well as Minny's defense against Freeman.

Minnesota likes to blitz alot (27%) and that could allow Freeman to hurt them with screens. Another key for the Eagles has to be the play of their offensive line, particularly inside pass protection, against Minnesota's interior pass rushing DT Kawann Short. Short already haa 4 sacks and 7 hurries on the year.

The Vikings have endured 23 sacks on the season and have scored just 9 red zone touchdowns in 23 ventures. They have been held to 20 or fewer points in 3 of 6 games losing two of those games so that is a number to watch for in this one especially when compared to the fact that Philadelphia has held 5 of 6 teams to less than 20 points this season with their lone loss coming in the one game (27-17 to New England) where they gave up more than 20.

The Eagles are the more talented team in this one but this is the type game Philly has struggled with in the past.  Their offensive line should dominate the Viking front and their secondary should prevent many deep ball threats. If that happens, then the Vikes will be forced to score inside the red zone and that means likely field goals over touchdowns. The Eagles have weapons but could get bogged down against a solid Viking secondary meaning this one could get down to how well Philly can run the ball.  The Eagles have averaged just 88 YPG rushing at a 3.0 YPC average so if the Vikings can stop the Eagle passing game this one figures to be awfully close. While I like the Eagles' talent, I kinda feel Minny and coach Eric Lindner are more in sync with what they are trying to do as a team than Philadelphia.  Gonna pick Vikings in mild upset, 21-17

 RUMOR MILL by the football geek (updated when I'm in the mood)
  Week 6:
Following the Super Bowl 51 half-time show last Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons' mascot was hauled off to jail after pecking out Lady Gaga's eyes.

Week 6:
Both the Chargers and Dolphins received GOOSE EGGS this week and so it would appear neither game was very egg-citing. But those outcomes are eggs-actly what we all should have eggs-pected. Maybe those two teams can "hatch" a better game plan next week. I'm sure they will be eggs-tatic to get a win. The problem is, neither team has an eggs-plosive offense. Am I eggs-aggerating?
  Week 5:
Redskins PAFL Quarterback, Kirk "kissin'" Cousins gave the real world a call this week after coming back from 21 points down vs the Panthers. Real life Tom Brady was on the receiving end of that call during halftime of Super Bowl LI. Cousins told him, "I'll tell you how to comeback from 21 points down but it's going to cost you your Super Bowl jersey. If anyone asks, just say it was stolen. "You like that?"
  Week 4:
In explaining why his predictions were so bad through the first 2 weeks, Jeff said, "I picked a bad time to stop smoking crack".
Week 4:
With Forte gone to Jacksonville and Hightower injured for over half a season, Miami will rely on the arm of Joe Flacco to keep them on course for an 0-16 season. Footnote - The best part of dating a Dolphins fan is she won't be expecting a ring.
Week 3:
Lots of work out of Miami this week with Coach Tom Picking up QB Flacco and RB Forte from Chicago. This has the brass doing hi-fives in Miami and the staff and players in Chicago grabbing their ankles for the rest of this season. Good news for Chicago is they received and first round pick in both the rookie and FA drafts. The bad news is ownership has forced the entire team and general manager to sit down, (if they can), and watch the movie Deliverance calling it a learning session.
  Week 3:
Tony Romo is healthy for now in Dallas but he is expected to miss all of next season. No worries though, Tony says he will be back the following season to screw things up again.
  Week 3:
With a loss this week, Packers are done. But Packer's coach says "Alex Smith is clutch!"  Here coach, eat a Snickers!
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A FA bidding system might help teams build faster through the FA draft by  affording them the ability to simply out-spend other teams based on salary cap room. This mirrors the NFL. Bidded salary would remain for the first season, then revert to the APCFB disc salary for the following season(s).

Vote only once. We are looking for league opinion not one man's multiple opinion.

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